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  • Taking a Public Site From Gray to Green

    Discovery Green, a 12-acre park on a formerly forlorn parcel of land, cultivates new life in downtown Houston.

  • Building a Model of Good Citizenship

    Leo A Daly shows that bureaucracy can be beautiful as well as sustainable in Orlando, Fla.

  • Home Star One Step Closer to Reality

    Proposed legislation to provide rebates for home efficiency upgrades, now moving forward in both the House and Senate, aims to put thousands of contractors back to work.

  • Tarco LeakBarrier PS200MU

    Tarco’s LeakBarrier PS200MU Ice and Water Armor is a self-adhesive, glass fiber reinforced, modified, bituminous underlayment designed specifically for metal roofing.

  • Going Sustainable on the Turnpike

    New plans are in the works to help Florida's service plazas go silver and green.

  • Creating An Olympic Hero

    Any 355,000-square-foot facility will have environmental impacts. The sheer size alone implies a drain on materials, natural resources, and local ecosystems. The Richmond Olympic Oval offers a new slant on large-scale design, however, as the speed skating venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in...

  • Changes Proposed to ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1

    Measures proposed to increase energy stringencies as well as assembly descriptions and U-factors regarding metal building assemblies are being considered for 2010 version.

  • Industrial Revolution

    Looking at the final results, it’s hard to believe that more than 75 percent of the exterior structure was saved in this renovation of an industrial building. While architecturally dramatic, the transformation is equally impressive for its emphasis on sustainability.

  • Northern Arizona University Consolidates Five Facilities Into One Sustainable Building

    Scheduled for completion in 2011, NAU's Health and Learning Center is aiming for LEED Gold certification.