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  • Building With Recycled Materials

    For years, there's been a huge global effort to recycle. From aluminum cans to cell phones, Americans are urged to consider recycling rather than just throwing things into the garbage and overloading landfills. But what's the point of all the recycling if there isn't an end use for all that...

  • Healthy Air

    At Neil Kelly Construction, green remodeling starts with designers planning sustainable, green spaces. Then, once it begins a project, the company opts to use green materials--for example, FSC-certified wood, low-VOC paints, and formaldehyde-free cabinets, which they manufacture themselves.

  • Low-VOC paints hit the mainstream market.

    Whether you're interested in working in a more environmentally friendly way or not, soon the interior paint you use–no matter where you live–may be a greener product. That's already true for a chunk of California and a large part of the Northeast, where stringent regulations over the last few years...

  • Multi-Family developers learn which Green techniques have financial payback.

    There's no doubt about it: Green building is red-hot today. But despite all the hype, the reality of "going green" is still confusing for many. "Developers want to know if green building is a far-out utopian dream with waterless toilets and solar heating, or if there is a practical application that...

  • Building a Green Community

    A NEW COMMUNITY IN THE FLORIDA PANHANDLE, Alys Beach, is breaking new ground, both literally and figuratively. Scott Henson, general manger, and his company, Wave Construction, owned by EBSCO Industries of Birmingham, Ala., are creating a different kind of project by taking green building seriously.