More stories about Panels

  • 2008 Innovative Green Projects

    Check out 11 innovative green projects from across North America.

  • Innovations: March 2008

    These products will help achieve sustainability.

  • Envelope Products Recognized for sustainability

    MBDC, Charlottesville, Va., has awarded cradle to cradle certification at the Silver level to Moon Township, Pa.-based CENTRIA’s Formawall Graphix Series metal wall panels, Concept Series concealed fastener panels, IW Series concealed fastener panels, Profile Series exposed fastener panels...

  • Building Science: Insulation

    Nowhere is an understanding of building science more important than in designing the building enclosure.

  • A House Maximizes Energy Efficiency

    Passive systems create a comfortable environment for the residents of a home in Durham, N.C.

  • HIT Series Photovoltaic Panels by Sanyo

    HIT Series photovoltaic panels for residential, grid-connected systems feature a proprietary hybrid of single crystalline silicon surrounded by ultra-thin, amorphous silicon layers to reach greater cell and module efficiencies. Panels measure 51.2 by 35.2 inches, achieve an STC maximum power rating...

  • ES-Series Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels by Evergreen Solar

    ES-Series poly-crystalline solar panels feature String Ribbon wafer technology. The panel’s design consists of 108 poly-crystalline silicon solar cells, anti-reflective tempered solar glass, EVA encapsulant, polymer backskin, and a double-walled anodized aluminum frame. Each panel measures 371/2 by...

  • SunTile Roof Tiles and Solar Panels by SunPower

    SunTile roof tiles and solar panels provide a built-in look for various roof finishes. The tile product suits S-shape and flat tile profiles; each panel measures 17 by 59 inches and achieves an STC power rating of 63 W. Panel-designed products integrate with various roof finishes, measuring 61.39...

  • Monitoring a High-performance Building Leads to Admirable Results

    For more than 25 years, NRG Systems, Hinesburg, Vt., has made equipment to help others throughout the world measure and understand the wind.

  • Hotel Terra Brings Eco Chic to the Mountains

    A hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyo., implemented a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient heating and cooling system and made use of sustainable materials to run a green operation.