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  • Structural Insulated Sheathing from Dow

    Dow. SIS Structural Insulated Sheathing combines a moisture-resistant blue foil outside face, a polyisocyanurate foam core, and structural sheathing. Builders can use ½-inch (R-3) panels to sheathe entire exteriors or 1-inch-thick (R-5.5) panels as shear panels on corners to match up with 1-inch...

  • Radiant Barrier Sheathing from Ainsworth

    Ainsworth. Thermastrand radiant barrier roof sheathing features an aluminum foil overlaid on micro-perforated OSB panels. The foil blocks up to 97% of the sun’s radiant energy, and the perforations control humidity buildup in the attic, the company says. According to the firm, the panels are twice...

  • Creating An Olympic Hero

    Any 355,000-square-foot facility will have environmental impacts. The sheer size alone implies a drain on materials, natural resources, and local ecosystems. The Richmond Olympic Oval offers a new slant on large-scale design, however, as the speed skating venue for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in...

  • Oldcastle Precast Ballast Footings

    Oldcastle Precast’s patent-pending ballasted footings are designed for mounting photovoltaic solar panels or concentrated solar power systems.

  • Product Review: Sheathing

    Plywood vs. OSB: Which is the greener sheathing choice?

  • Allsteel's Stride is Cradle-to-Cradle certified

    The office system is more than 90 percent recyclable and is produced on the Design for the Environment framework

  • Case Study: Ultra-Efficient ‘Hybrid Home’ Utilizes High-Performance Building Techniques

    The LEED-H Silver dwelling’s three discrete living areas keep energy use low.

  • Extra Panel Adds Building Insulation

    Quad-Lock’s new Extra Panel integrates with other Quad-Lock components to increase an insulation system’s R-Value (as high as R-84 with reinforced concrete walls) and make the most of the thermal mass capacity of a concrete structure.

  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s BeauSoleil House

    In addition to energy systems and hurricane resistance, this Solar Decathlon house draws on South Louisiana’s architectural heritage and love for entertaining.

  • The EcoDEEP Haus Is a Lesson in Renovation and Sustianability

    A winner in the Greenhouse category of the 2009 Evergreen Awards, the EcoDEEP Haus doubles the size of a 1940s bungalow but cuts its energy use nearly in half