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  • Structural Insulated Panels From Premier Building Systems

    Sandwiching expanded polystyrene between two layers of OSB, the maker says its SIPs offer a 55% higher whole-wall efficiency than traditional 2x6, R-19 construction. By creating a virtually airtight building envelope, the panels’ energy efficiency can lower homeowners’ expenses up to 60% and reduce...

  • StructureWall, CurtainWall, and PineClad SIPs From WinterPanel

    The company offers SIPs in three panel types: StructureWall, CurtainWall, and PineClad. StructureWall panels, which replace studs and rafters, are twice as strong as a 2x4 wall, according to the firm. CurtainWall panels, ideal for timber-frame or metal-frame buildings, include an interior skin of...

  • Adagio Hybrid Acoustical Ceiling Panels From CertainTeed Corp.

    CertainTeed Corp.’s Adagio Hybrid Acoustical Ceiling Panels’ design combines the sound absorption of high-density fiber glass with the soundcontainment qualities of mineral fiber.

  • Home On The Range / Billings, Mont.

    As Montana’s only LEED Platinum-certified structure recognized by the Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council, this 8,300-square-foot (771-m2) building houses several nonprofit environmental groups.

  • Saint Paul Public Housing Agency / Minn.

    This 24,000-square-foot (2230-m2), 6-story mixed office and retail building includes ceiling heights designed to maximize This 4-story, 65,000-square-foot (6039-m2) public-housing agency uses 49 percent less energy than code requires.

  • Seattle Home Promotes Sustainable Living

    Jeff and Salena Gallo not only feel good about their decision to build green, they also feel better physically. Salena has asthma and both had been plagued by allergies for years, yet after moving into their new sustainable home in Minneapolis, they no longer needed to take the medications they...

  • Lightweight Concrete for Architectural Panels

    Sonoma Cast Stone has made its Classic Concrete and NuCrete versions of EarthCrete available for architectural-panel applications.

  • Illumination Fiber Cement Panels From Nichiha

    Nichiha’s Illumination Series block-fiber cement panels give the look of metal and are made with 20 percent post-consumer recycled content. The smooth, textured panels are available in five shades: oyster, patina, sienna, storm and umber. Installation involves a hidden-clip system, which does not...

  • Resin Panels From 3form

    The Shapes line from 3form is a toolkit of pre-designed and fully configurable resin panels featuring compound, undulating curves, peaks and valleys.

  • Andalay Solar Panel Technology From Akeena Solar Inc.

    Akeena Solar Inc.’s Andalay solar panel technology combines reliability and aesthetics in all-black panels that look like skylights when installed.