More stories about Post-Occupancy Performance

  • Grand Function

    The renovation of a historic federal building goes for a groundbreaking net-zero energy goal.

  • Natural Symmetry

    Vancouver's VanDusen Botanical Garden's Visitor Centre promotes biodiversity in plant life and building systems

  • Put to the Test

    Designed to be tough, the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless highlights the importance of preparing for long-term maintenance and changing occupancy loads.

  • Simulating Occupancy

    A combination of appliances and NREL data approximate a homeowner presence in the IBACOS Lab Home.

  • Cost-Efficient GSHP?

    The IBACOS Lab Home is testing the efficiency (and viability) of an underslab loop that could make geothermal affordable.

  • Best-Laid Plans

    Energy modeling is for everyone and all buildings benefit.

  • Europe’s Active House to Make Its U.S. Debut

    The country's first home built to the European specification is about to be constructed near St. Louis.

  • Case Study: The New American Home 2012

    The New American Home 2012 achieved the highest levels of green building certification possible, providing insight into the process and by-products of submitting to such standards.

  • Case Study: Big Idea in Santa Fe

    Ultra-efficient demonstration home proves that low-impact living can be a high-end experience.

  • Product Review: Air-Sealing Insulation

    Spray-on sealants and ‘flash-and-batt’ systems combine with new code requirements to reduce air infiltration and make insulation more effective.