More stories about Preservation

  • Codes of Conduct

    Are we ready for an international green construction code?

  • Architecture Aloft

    The adaptive reuse of a Bauhaus-influenced building at the Georgia Institute of Technology includes careful treatment of the building envelope and innovative mechanical systems.

  • Growth Opportunities: High Line

    Green Roofs for Health Cities’ Awards of Excellence projects demonstrate a wide-range of green roof and wall benefits.

  • Preservation's Prime Time

    Past, present, and future are not mutually exclusive conditions.

  • It's A Beautiful Thing

    Creating a public demand for sensible design is as old as architecture, itself.

  • EHDA Grand Award: Union Street Residence

    This 264-year-old Cape was restored within the strict guidelines of Nantucket Island’s Historic District.

  • Taliesin West to Get Energy-Efficient Retrofit

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Big Green Zero are looking for partner organizations to outfit the Arizona-based landmark with sustainable technologies.

  • Retrofitter

    Are the greenest buildings already built?

  • House of Air

    A former biplane hangar in San Francisco is transformed into a popular trampoline facility.

  • Ecologically Inspired

    Mimicking tidal flows, Living Machines offer energy-efficient systems to treat and reuse wastewater on site.