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  • Revolutionizing Masonry Products

    Silicon Valley-based CalStar is manufacturing bricks and pavers using a fraction of the energy typically required.

  • 2011 Greenbuild Product Preview

    Energy efficiency, water conservation, and healthy living to be showcased at Toronto event.

  • MBCI Double-Lok Hi-Thermal Clip

    MBCI’s Double-Lok Hi-Thermal Clip is designed to hold together fiberglass insulation and thermal spacers to facilitate compliance with energy efficiency code requirements.

  • Spaulding Lighting Fresno and Tempe

    Spaulding Lighting’s Fresno and Tempe bollard series are now available with 31 watt and 62 watt LEDs.

  • LTR Products Pinnacle Rubber Mulch

    Pinnacle Rubber Mulch from LTR Products is made from converted tires and is intended to serve as an alternative to grass, dirt, engineered wood fiber, mulch, and rubber tiles in landscaping and playground applications.

  • Product Review: Insulation

    With a wider range of insulation products on the market, builders can customize applications to achieve cost-efficient energy performance.

  • Energy Star Introduces “Most-Efficient” Label for Products

    The program’s newest designation identifies the top five percent of sustainable appliances in four categories.

  • New Energy Star Initiative Recognizes Products with Highest Energy Efficiency

    A brand new “Most Efficient” Energy Star designation will highlight a range of household products and appliances that achieve exceptional energy savings compared with traditional Energy Star-certified products.

  • ShetkaStone

    ShetkaStone takes post-consumer and post-industrial paper such as newsprint, cardboard, and retired currency out of the waste stream and upcycles it into surfacing for tabletops, countertops, office furniture, moldings, tiles, and vanities.

  • Fireclay Tile Crush

    To make Crush, a 100-percent recycled glass tile, Fireclay collects raw waste glass from within 20 miles of the company’s San Jose, Calif., facility, and then crushes and processes that glass into new tile.