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  • Stacked, Social, and Sustainable High-Rise

    C.F. Møller Architects and Brut Architecture are trying to change typical apartment monoculture with their new residential tower in Antwerp. They are piling different types of housing on top of each other in a sort of vertical community, with the goal to become "a sustainable and collective...

  • The 50 Most Impressive Environmentally Friendly University Buildings

    A new story by Best Masters Degree names the world's 50 most sustainable university buildings. The buildings that make the list are not only energy efficient and awarded for their green features, but are also visually stunning examples of modern architecture.

  • A Solar Array Module to Top Off Any Building

    OnTop is a modular unit that can be integrated on top of almost any traditional urban building, an innovative solution that blends energy efficiency with urban infill.

  • Sustainable Tiny Homes on Wheels

    YahiniHomes, a tiny house company offering different types of tiny homes with off-the-grid capabilities, has been designing and constructing sustainable and energy efficient homes for over 25 years.

  • A Concept Organic Skyscraper That Grows Taller As Residents Recycle

    Architect Thomas Corbasson and VS-A has developed a concept for an organic skyscraper in London that will incorporate recycled waste into its physical growth.

  • Top 10 States LEEDing the Way

    ECOBUILDING PULSE ranks the top 10 states for overall LEED projects and takes a deeper look at which sectors are most interested in green certification from the USGBC.

  • New York Opens Bank for Clean Energy Projects

    The New York Green Bank should stimulate private sector financing for commercial, multifamily, and residential renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

  • An Active Market for Passive Houses? Three Recent Projects Showcase the Potential.

    With homes like these, is the U.S. market for Passive House certification, which is characterized by air-tight construction, growing?

  • LEED Now Law in Key West

    On November 6, the City Commission of Key West, Florida unanimously adopted an ordinance requiring either LEED Certified level certification or Florida Green Building Coalition Bronze level certification.

  • Eco-Certification isn't the "Magic Bullet"

    Are hotel guests looking green buildings for when they go searching for accommodations?