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  • The Week in Green

    A roundup of green building news for the week of May 5–9, including the green movement in the remodeling industry; defining the green consumer; and KB Home, D.R. Horton, and Pulte top list of environmentally friendly big builders.

  • Remodelers Urged to Actively Pursue Green Remodeling

    When it comes to making the transition to green remodeling, remodelers need to "lead, follow, or get out of the way," Carl Seville told attendees during the Remodeling Leadership Conference. "We can and must make it happen."

  • Green Remodeling Provides a Second Chance at Sustainability

    By its very nature, remodeling is "green" in that you are reusing and improving existing infrastructures. After that, remodeling green calls on many of the same products and techniques as any other green building process.

  • Green Remodeling Case Studies

    Case studies from Wisconsin and California showcase the many ways eco-friendly products and processes can make all the difference in existing homes

  • Green Remodeling Standards

    Builders and homeowners now have a set of green guidelines that they can apply to a remodeling project, regardless of size. The REGREEN Guidelines were announced Friday by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) at INTERIORS 08: The ASID...

  • Awards for "Green" Remodeling

    The winners of the 2007 REMODELING Design Awards showcase the best in residential and light commercial remodeling across the country. From an island house addition to a log house update to a paint factory renovation, these projects highlight the work of talented design and construction teams.

  • How Remodelers Can Embrace Green

    These days, the buzz about "green" is evident everywhere. It is also appearing more frequently in the remodeling industry, but owners of remodeling businesses are still asking themselves how to embrace the subject and make it an integral part of their company culture.

  • Recycling opportunities for construction materials

    The worthy goal of diverting construction materials from the landfill is fraught with obstacles, but recycling opportunities are growing.

  • Selling efficient, sustainable projects to customers.

    Once you've challenged yourself to be the greenest remodeler you can be, the next challenge is: How do you sell efficient, sustainable projects to customers? To remodelers making a foray into this niche, we advise leaving the green-wash mentality at the door.

  • Green remodeling is going mainstream.

    As This Old House producer Deborah Hood says, people no longer need view green as experimental or expensive. "We're learning that green is basically just good planning and smart building." And green remodelers echo that sentiment. They're as likely to use words such as "high-performance" when...