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  • Healthy Home Perception by Year Built and US Region

    A homeowner's perception of the overall health of their home varies by region and year built, according to the 2014 Houzz Healthy Home Study. The study asked respondents to rate the overall health of their home based on a number of factors impacting health and well-being, which found that the...

  • What Homeowners Want in a Healthy House

    More than 60 percent of homeowners consider their home healthy despite being unaware of indoor and outdoor health hazards, according to a 2014 survey from Houzz. Here are the factors of a healthy home most important to owners.

  • In Denmark, Researchers Clean Water with Recycled Concrete

    Passing water through a filter of crushed concrete removes excess phosphorus and prevents the growth of unwanted plant life and algae, say researchers at the University of Southern Denmark.

  • How Data will Drive the Sustainable City

    Data, and the technology behind it, makes cities better at building resiliency, increasing efficiency and heightening overall sustainability.

  • Architecture Students Redesign Camping in California

    Architecture students at the Cal Poly College of Environmental Design have revamped the traditional cabin to help the nontraditional camper get out to state parks in style.

  • Perkins+Will Hired a Chemist. Should Your Firm?

    Michael Dedeo, who holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, will help the firm specify healthier products.

  • A New Tool to Evaluate Commercial Buildings' Energy Performance

    Determine whether the cost of exceeding code requirements will pay off with BIRDS, a Web-based software platform developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  • This House is a Dumpster

    Environmental Science Professor Jeff Wilson is spending a year living in a green home— figuratively and literally— to show students and the nation that the typical American home is too huge.

  • Who Wants Green Features in an Apartment: Multifamily Generational Trends

    A recent survey conducted by J Turner Research for the 2014 MFE Concept Community reveals generational trends among apartment residents including value placed on green home features and which groups desire certain features most.

  • How Green Roofs Could Save Lives

    New research shows increased vegetation in urban areas, among many other environmental and psychological benefits, can also decrease heat-related mortality.