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  • Yea or Nay on Bottle Bills?

    Only 10 U.S. states have bottle bills in place, with deposits ranging from 5 cents to 15 cents depending on the beverage. Do you think bottle bills promote civic responsibility by force of habit? Should more states should put bottle bills in place?

  • A Clean and Green Award-Winning Remodel

    Architect Todd Ray of Studio Twenty Seven Architecture remodeled his own home in Arlington, Va., to be LEED Platinum-certified and full of light-filled, highly livable space.

  • New York Opens Bank for Clean Energy Projects

    The New York Green Bank should stimulate private sector financing for commercial, multifamily, and residential renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

  • Stanford Researchers Create Battery Powered by Sewage

    This microbe battery could offset some of the electricity required to treat wastewater.