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  • Moen Eco-Performance Shower System

    Moen’s commercial division has released five new Eco-Performance shower systems that offer a 36 percent water savings compared to standard shower systems.

  • Water-Saving Showerhead From Price Pfister

    Price Pfister. The 1.5-gpm Eco-Pfriendly showerhead with Air Infusion Technology, which infuses air in the water droplets to amplify pressure, is WaterSense certified. It is available in a chrome finish. 800.422.4278.

  • Product Review: Water-Conserving Showerheads

    With the release of WaterSense for showers, bathers can conserve without sacrificing performance.

  • DOE Rule Clarification Could Eliminate Some Multi-Head Shower Systems

    Rule interpretation would clarify the term “showerhead,” require entire systems to meet 2.5-gpm flow maximums.

  • Low-Flow, High-Design Showerhead From Toto

    Toto. The single-function Lloyd Square rain showerhead provides an immersive experience while using only 1.75 gpm, the company says. The fixture, available in an 8-inch or a 10-inch model, features a sleek, contemporary look that coordinates with the company’s other bath and lavatory faucets. It...

  • EPA Finalizes WaterSense for Showers

    Buyers could see certified products as early as mid-April.

  • EPA Finalizes WaterSense for Showers

    Qualifying showers must meet requirements for flow rates as well as performance.

  • 657 Water-Saving Showerhead From Alsons

    Fluidics technology for the 657 water-saving showerhead controls water shape and velocity to provide a full body spray while using only 1.6 gpm. The technology also delivers the water at a higher velocity, creating a more invigorating experience and a uniform temperature. 800.421.0001.

  • Envi Eco-Performance Showerhead From Moen

    Immersion self-pressurizing technology increases the force and flow of water from the Envi Eco-Performance rainshower-style showerhead, using 2.0 gpm without sacrificing user experience. The showerhead is adjustable for a revitalizing spray or a softer, rain-drenching flow. A spiral-shaped nozzle...

  • Spa Practices Sustainability

    Uhma Spa & Shop, South Beach, Fla., practices sustainability in the products it uses and its building construction.