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  • Case Study: Starting Over in the Lower Ninth Ward

    The Make It Right Foundation seeks a better approach to creating sustainable neighborhoods in New Orleans.

  • Revolutionizing Masonry Products

    Silicon Valley-based CalStar is manufacturing bricks and pavers using a fraction of the energy typically required.

  • Match Point

    Colocated systems gather multiple functions into a single structure to redefine sustainable growth in the 21st century.

  • From Planes to Placemaking

    Edmonton wants to turn a historic airport into a carbon-neutral community for 30,000 residents. Two directors from Perkins+Will explain how it can be done.

  • Livestrong Foundation

    Lake|Flato Architects

  • Holland Pavers

    Not only is are the company’s Holland pavers made with 40% post-industrial recycled content, the product’s manufacturing process also emits 85% less carbon dioxide than the production of clay pavers and uses 85% less energy than the process for clay pavers and 50% less than the process for cement...

  • Product Review: Water-Efficient Landscaping

    Reducing outdoor water use is a top priority. Here’s how to combine design and technology for water-efficient landscaping.

  • AIA COTE 2011 Top Ten Green Projects: Livestrong Foundation

    A rehabilitated warehouse becomes commercial office space in Austin, Texas, designed by Lake|Flato Architects.

  • Permeable Pavers From Boral Bricks

    Boral Bricks. These 4-inch-by-8-inch permeable clay pavers are available in standard and super permeable profiles. The standard pavers have 1/4-inch-wide joints for an 8% void area. Incorporating six notches around their edges, the super permeable pavers have a 12% void area for more rapid...

  • Part 6: Foundation

    From the concrete mix to the extra insulation, Bethesda Bungalows specifies foundations to ensure efficiency from the ground up.