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  • Permeable Clay Pavers

    RainPave permeable clay pavers allow water to filter down into the soil and dissipate rather than run off into storm drains. The pavers reduce the property’s impervious surface footprint and allow for a larger house footprint, the firm says. The rumbled pavers offer the look of traditional antique...

  • Native Landscaping Benefits Environment

    Drawn to the coast for its natural beauty and wildlife, yet increasingly confronted by red tides, fish kills, and contaminated beaches, many coastal residents are deeply concerned about the environment. While they cannot single-handedly save the coast, a growing number are seeking out builders and...

  • Three small custom homes have a lot to say about resource management.

    Utter the word “custom” and visions of sprawling floor plans, lavish finishes, and top-of-the-line everything often come to mind. You know—those palatial playgrounds of the rich and famous that make for good television, and make average homeowners feel inadequate.

  • Suppliers start to hear as more builders adopt earth-friendlier building and neighborhood initiatives

    WCI Communities would never ask a supplier to create a one-off specialty product for its “green” communities and homes, says Ric Rojas, the Florida-based company's vice president of supply-chain management. “As the cost keeper of the company, I don't want them to invent a new product line that will...

  • Building a Green Community

    A NEW COMMUNITY IN THE FLORIDA PANHANDLE, Alys Beach, is breaking new ground, both literally and figuratively. Scott Henson, general manger, and his company, Wave Construction, owned by EBSCO Industries of Birmingham, Ala., are creating a different kind of project by taking green building seriously.