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  • The interrelationship between a daylight source, windows, and a room.

    Today a working knowledge of daylighting needs to be part of every lighting designer's skill set. But in fact, Daylighting is a broad term that encompasses many methods and techniques. This article explains some of the fundamental principles of daylighting with windows and clerestories, aptly...

  • Is the lighting in your homes as energy efficient as it should be?

    With electricity prices rising as much as they have been for the last five years, it is important that you outfit your homes with as many energy-saving features as possible. One way to do this is with Energy Star–qualified lighting packages.

  • LED Lighting

    A new light is about to break on the horizon of residential illumination: light emitting diodes, or LEDs. They have been used for years in indicator, electronic readout, and signage applications, as well as in the theater industry. More recently, LEDs have seen increasing use as architectural...

  • Lighting of Valuable Objects

    Light is a common cause of damage to paintings, drawings, books, artifacts, and virtually all types of historic and archival collections. It can cause paper to bleach, yellow, or darken, and it can weaken and embrittle the cellulose fibers that make up paper. It can also cause base materials and...

  • Bathroom Fans

    In an ideal world, all homeowners would have the interest and resources to purchase zero-energy homes that not only dramatically reduce their utility bills but also give energy back to the power grid. Although zero-energy homes are not an option for most folks, super-efficient technologies are.

  • Home Buyers Interested in Lighting

    Lighting has come into the spotlight. From quirky chandeliers to sleek sconces, it's one more way buyers can express their sense of style -- and do it without breaking the budget.

  • Spray In-Place Insulation

    Most residential structures are insulated with fiberglass batts because they are a cheap source of added R-value. But there's more to insulation than R-value.