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  • Donate to a Demolished Town Rebuilding Green

    After being demolished by a tornado, Greensburg, Kan., is rebuilding in a green manner.

  • Water Is Earth's Life Support

    This issue of eco-structure examines the burgeoning water crisis, specifically how buildings can conserve and reclaim water.

  • Grapevine: January 2008

    During the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo recently held in Chicago, Christina Koch, eco-structure’s editor in chief, moderated a Q&A session with Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface Inc., Atlanta. Nearly 200 people heard Anderson explain his motivation to make Interface’s...

  • World Leaders Should Fight Global Warming

    Editor in Chief, Christina Koch, discusses rebuilding communities devestated by natural disasters in a sustainable manner in order to reduce human-induced global warming.

  • Building Science: Optimum Wall Sections

    Performance requirements for wood-framed wall systems have changed considerably. Here’s how to meet today’s conditions and set new standards.

  • Green Resource

    Welcome to the premier issue of the EcoHome Update, an e-newsletter for professionals devoted to the building and remodeling of eco-friendly homes published by the housing industry's leading media company, Hanley Wood, LLC. Actually, today marks the rebranding of this newsletter, which was formerly...

  • Frugal House Framing

    Carpenters love wood. The smell of fresh sawdust on a crisp fall morning, the slap and ring of hammers on boards, the sturdy feel of a new house frame—what's not to love?