More stories about Sustainability

  • Small House Incorporates the Best of City Living

    Built Green-certified home and guest house make use of every square inch and dollar in an ultra-expensive city.

  • Making Safe Products Second Nature

    Tom Lent, Vision 2020 chair and policy director of the Healthy Building Network, helped to spark a growing interest in materials and health.

  • The Market Wants Sustainable Urbanism

    Vision 2020 chair and the Congress for New Urbanism CEO John Norquist questions whether less government complexity would afford more sustainable urbanism.

  • Three Unlikely Materials Find Use in the Commercial Building Market

    Mycelium insulation and bioplastics will hit the commercial market soon thanks to a few companies that are developing the next generation of materials from agricultural waste and invasive plants. Three designers weigh in on the uses of their unconventional products.

  • John Norquist

    President, CEO, Congress for the New Urbanism

  • Flowers Harvest Metal While Cleaning the Earth

    Flowers not only make everything look better, they may now also purify toxic earth, Blaine Brownell reports, thanks to processes being developed at the University of Warwick.

  • Social Sustainability Takes Center Stage

    A study commissioned by the Berkeley Group in the United Kingdom seeks to understand the importance and relevance of social sustainability to the housing industry.

  • Field Survey

    Where are the gaps in preservation education?

  • Time to Shift from Sustainability to Resilience?

    An opinion piece in The New York Times questions whether buildings should be designed to respond to the impacts of the environment, such as flooding, pandemics, and energy shortages, and not just to generate lower environmental impacts.

  • Local Harvest

    Sustainable Northwest helps area architects to source environmentally preferable wood products.