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  • GSA Calls For Green Technologies to Test

    The U.S. General Services Administration is gathering info for its Green Proving Ground program that examines sustainable building technologies and practices for federal buildings.

  • Feeling the Heat

    Thermal imaging can shave significant time off of building investigations, but only if the results are interpreted correctly.

  • Protecting Your LED Investment

    LEDs offer many benefits in terms of energy efficiency, but as a new technology, they also carry some risk. Learning more about the technology can help avoid pitfalls.

  • Architects Should Prepare to Take a Leading Role in Energy Modeling

    As an integrated design process becomes the norm and energy usage moves up in the priorities of a project, design teams must begin looking at energy early on.

  • Across the Institute

    Cincinnati, Lincroft, Charleston, New York, Pawtucket

  • Spell It Out

    A look at the process—and the importance—of the written lighting-controls narrative.

  • Pro Bono Publico

    David Baker of David Baker + Partners Architects discusses finding common ground.

  • Mind the (Air) Gaps

    Is reducing air infiltration an overlooked path to energy efficiency for your projects?

  • Social Medium

    Architects increasingly risk irrelevance if we don't cooperate with each other and reach out to the larger culture.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    For our own sake, and the sake of others, we have to carve hours out of the workweek for life.