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  • Blazestone Tiles

    Blazestone tiles are made entirely of 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled glass, with no added colorants or oxides. The company determines product development based on the waste stream, and the materials and end product are processed entirely at the company’s facility. Consumer sources...

  • Longevity, Durability, and Recyclability Make Metal Roofing a Good Choice for Sustainable Building

    There is a house in Omaha, Neb., that is unlike any other in the state—perhaps the country. Built under HUD's Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), this "Concept Home" is loaded with 60 of the best technologies and products home building has to offer and is seen as a model for the...

  • American architects are boldly specing ventilated façades.

    Any product junkie knows many innovative developments happen overseas. The international community's willingness to experiment with cutting-edge materials has yielded architectural favorites such as fiber-cement siding, wood-resin exterior panels, and cellulose-wood laminated cladding.