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  • Answering Nature’s Call

    The New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo saw the potential in ordinary, everyday facilities when it developed its eco-friendly restroom.

  • Product Picks: High-Efficiency Toilets

    Water-conserving toilets have come a long way. Here are nine models that combine low flow with high performance.

  • Toilet Has Back Outlet

    Caroma has released the Sydney Smart back outlet high-efficiency dual-flush toilet, which is WaterSense labeled to deliver high-performance and water savings.

  • Toilet Integrates Sink

    Caroma has introduced the Profile Smart HET, which incorporates a sink into the lid of the toilet tank for increased water savings in the bathroom.

  • San Raphael Pressure Lite Toilet From Kohler

    The San Raphael Pressure Lite is the industry’s first one-piece, 1.0-gpf high-efficiency toilet with pressure-assist technology, the company says. Compressed air is used to propel water for robust flushing power. According to the firm, the toilet can save a household of four 7,000 to 10,000 gallons...

  • Eco Soirée High-Efficiency Toilet From Toto USA

    The Eco Soirée high-efficiency toilet offers the look of a traditional two-piece product in a one-piece design. The universal-height 1.28-gpf unit is WaterSense certified and features a Double Cyclone flushing system, contemporary styling, and a SanaGloss glaze to repel waste and bacteria...

  • Draft Specification Addresses Urinals

    The Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a draft specification for high-efficiency-flushing urinals.

  • Urinals Realize Water Savings

    The High-Performance-Composite no-water urinals from Waterless Co. Inc. realize water savings of up to 45,000 gallons (170345 L) per year.

  • Swash Ecoseat From Brondell Inc.

    Brondell Inc.’s Swash Ecoseat is a battery-operated toilet seat with an integrated bidet that features adjustable water pressure for cleaning and push-button controls that reduce toilet-paper consumption. Other features include a contoured, heated seat; warm-air dryer; and personalized settings. It...

  • Sydney Low Profile Toilet From Caroma USA Inc.

    The Sydney Low Profile toilet from Caroma USA Inc. is designed for installations with space restrictions.