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  • 1000 Gram HET Toilet by Foremost

    The All-in-One elongated version of the dual-flush, 1000 Gram HET toilet is WaterSense certified and uses 1.1 gallons of water for liquids and 1.6 gallons for solids, saving up to 16,000 gallons of water per year for a family of four versus 3.5-gpf models, the company claims. The company’s patented...

  • Gwyneth High-Efficiency Toilets by Toto

    One- and two-piece Gwyneth high-efficiency toilets feature a 1.28-gpf gravity-fed double-cyclone flush engine. The toilet is WaterSense certified and qualifies for select water utility rebate programs, the manufacturer says. The unit is 17 inches from base to seat, and it cleans itself during each...

  • 3000 Series Toilets by Quality Craft

    3000 Series toilets are WaterSense certified and MaP approved to dispose of 900 grams in a single flush, according to the company. The toilets feature a 3.3-inch flush valve that maximizes flushing force and a rim wash to clean away debris and bacteria, the manufacturer says. The 2?1/8-inch trapway...

  • FloWise Toilet by American Standard

    The high-efficiency, dual-flush FloWise toilet lets users choose a 1.6-gallon or 0.8-gallon flush and is WaterSense certified. The white toilet has an elongated bowl and is available in standard or taller “right height” sizes. 800.899.2614.

  • Ecologic Flapperless Toilet by Niagra

    The WaterSense-certified Ecologic Flapperless toilet uses tip-bucket technology to create a high-performance, 1.28-gallon flush. The unit features a maintenance-free flush system, and no tank sweating or need to replace flappers, chains, or levers, the company claims. 800.668.4420.

  • EcoQuantum Toilet by Mansfield

    The high-performance, high-efficiency EcoQuantum toilet features pressure-assist, dual-flush technology with a dual-action trip lever that triggers a 1.1-gallon or a 1.6-gallon flush, depending on which way the user pulls the lever. The ADA-compliant, WaterSense-certified unit measures 17?1/4...

  • High-Efficiency Toilets Combine Water Conservation and Improved Performance

    New toilet standards ensure water savings does not come at the expense of a confident flush.

  • Class Six Toilets by Kohler

    The manufacturer’s latest toilet technology is the new precision-engineered Class Six flushing. The unit optimizes the power of jet action to remove bulk waste with 100% of the flushing water being fed through the rim, blending bulk removal and bowl washing. The technology is available as 1.6...

  • EcoHome Readers’ Most-Requested Green Building Products of 2008

    EcoHome’s 2008 top reader-selected products reveal strong interest in solar.

  • Greenbuild Product Preview

    Four products, including plant-based finishes and reflective roofing, on display at Greenbuild this week.