More stories about Underlayments

  • Green Roof Waterproofing System From Dow Hyperlast

    Green Roof Waterproofing System from Dow Hyperlast comprises a primer, elastomeric membrane and robust wear coat to combine performance with installation and usage flexibility.

  • Tensotherm From Birdair Inc. and Cabot Corp.

    Birdair Inc. and Cabot Corp. have partnered to produce Tensotherm, an insulative fabric membrane roof system that uses Nanogel, a light insulation layer, to increase the material’s thermal performance.

  • DUROCK Flooring Adhesive From USG

    Designed for bonding wood flooring, tile and stone to subfloor and vertical surfaces, DUROCK flooring adhesive from USG’s tile and flooring division offers superior bond strength and good troweling properties.

  • Potential Pitfalls of Cool Roofing

    Is the exponential growth of cool roofing an impending catastrophe?