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  • New and Notable

    The latest green building products, including a hybrid water heater, eco-friendly wood, Energy Star-rated range hoods, an ultra-low-flow toilet, weather barriers, and much more.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality With Whole-House Ventilation

    Whole-house ventilation isn’t just a good idea, it should be a standard feature in your homes. Here’s how it works.

  • Technology allows builders to address indoor air quality cost effectively

    Indoor air quality (IAQ) was not priority No. 1 for Virginia Ranch Development project manager Davis Johnson as he oversaw construction of an 800-home community in Gardnerville, Nev., near Carson City. It seldom is. Like just about everybody else in the business right now, Johnson's biggest concern...

  • High Tech Ventilation

    This past year's HVAC switch came after extensive research into fuel savings for customers. “After seeing what the Evolution can do with the variable speed and the 96-percent-efficient furnace versus the 92-percent-efficient furnace we were using, our customers are looking at a five-year payback or...

  • Bathroom Fans

    In an ideal world, all homeowners would have the interest and resources to purchase zero-energy homes that not only dramatically reduce their utility bills but also give energy back to the power grid. Although zero-energy homes are not an option for most folks, super-efficient technologies are.

  • Proper Bathroom Ventilation Prevents Mold

    In the past, the whirring of a fan motor was the only thing homeowners might have noticed when it came to bathroom ventilation. Noise, and more important, indoor air quality (IAQ) as it relates to mold, are issues remodelers have to address during a bathroom project.

  • Will Homeowners Pay for Quality Air?

    With the number of people with airborne allergies on the rise, and the number of children with asthma having doubled in the last two decades, builders who offer pre-installed air exchangers would seem to have a ready-made market.