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  • The Economic Benefits of Water Efficiency

    There are several potential financial benefits to investing in water efficiency.

  • Southern Nevada Combats Water Waste

    The Water Smart Home program certifies both new homes and neighborhoods.

  • Talking WaterSense

    Jonah Schein explains how WaterSense is helping the industry march toward a more water-efficient future.

  • The Energy and Water Connection

    The two resources need to be considered as joint issues in future sustainable efforts.

  • Water-Saving Humidifier

    Johnson Controls. The York Affinity Large Bypass WaterSaver humidifier’s patented water delivery system includes a small float chamber, electronic water level sensors, and a wicking water panel that helps save water, the company says.

  • Case Study: New Development Focuses on Advanced Energy and Water Conservation

    zHome goes well beyond the 20% water reduction guidelines of the WaterSense program.

  • Bringing Water to the Forefront

    Like most people, water conservation wasn’t on Mary Ann Dickinson’s radar 30 years ago.

  • New + Notable

    New products for green-built homes, including tankless water heaters, asthma and allergy-friendly paint, and a greywater system.

  • CPVC water piping system

    Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. ReUze new CPVC water piping system provides a practical, easy-to-install system for non-potable water uses inside residential buildings, a technology that can contribute up to 10 LEED points.

  • LOTT Clean Water Alliance Regional Services Center

    The Miller Hull Partnership