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  • Six Trends That Will Shape Green Homes

    Conservation--of energy, water, resources, and homeowners’ money--will drive green home building this year.

  • Product Review

    Although tankless water heaters have gotten a lot of attention the last few years, tank-style units offer plenty of efficient options, and in some cases, are actually more efficient.

  • Solar Tankless Water Heating Backup From Rinnai

    Rinnai. The RH360 solar reheat kit provides efficient, consistent tankless backup for solar water heating. Previous other solar tankless backup solutions fed the hot line from the solar tank directly to the tankless backup unit, which would heat water when the temperature started to drop, which...

  • KB Home Completes Nation’s First WaterSense-Labeled Production Homes

    Designed with energy and water conservation in mind, the 118-home California community includes low-flow fixtures, recirculation pumps, and native landscaping.

  • Product Review: Water-Conserving Showerheads

    With the release of WaterSense for showers, bathers can conserve without sacrificing performance.

  • Passive Solar Water Heating System From Rheem

    Rheem. SRCC-labeled Solaraide passive solar water heating systems operate without pumps or controllers. A closed-loop, indirect heat exchange design wraps completely around the unit’s roof-mounted thermo-siphon exchange tank for optimum efficiency. Single or double flat-plate collectors in 47- or...

  • Solar Heat Pump From Caleffi

    Caleffi. The SRCC-certified Solarie Solar Heat Pump is an all-in-one collector and storage tank system that eliminates the need for a separate backup water heater. Using demineralized water instead of refrigerant liquid as a heat exchanger, it pumps the water to its rooftop collectors only when...

  • Pros Tap Into Water Conservation

    Within 20 years, clean water will be as valuable as oil is today, according to a leading green building expert.

  • Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks From Bradford White

    Bradford White. EcoStor SC hot water storage tanks are optimized for use with most solar water heating collector systems. For maximum efficiency, the units’ heating elements activate only when solar energy does not satisfy demand. The tanks feature an internal single-wall heat exchanger, dual 5...

  • Energy Star to Raise Gas Water Heater Criteria

    This fall, the EPA program will increase its minimum Energy Factor for gas storage water heaters from 0.62 to 0.67.