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  • NanaWall Systems Bird-Protection Ornilux Glass

    Ultraviolet patterns on NanaWall's new glass aims to prevent birds from colliding with windows.

  • GLASS AG GLASSXcrystal

    Salt-hydrate phase change material embedded in GLASSXcrystal aids with heat storage.

  • Energy Performance Window Package From Andersen

    Andersen. The EcoExcel energy performance package includes all windows that qualify for the federal energy tax credit and an online service to verify compliance with the tax credit and save the manufacturer’s certification statement. Andersen also sponsors “Windows in Sustainable Design: Design...

  • High-Performance-Window Resources From AMSCO

    AMSCO. The company provides performance data for all of its window products online and offers a section to help educate consumers about high-performance windows, including a glossary of window terminology. Demonstration kits for its dealer network show the difference between clear glass and the...

  • Insulated Vinyl Windows From Mikron

    Mikron. Featuring tri-extruded frames and an air-cell insulating core, EnergyCore vinyl replacement windows offer nearly 15% improved full-window U-factors over hollow vinyl, the company says, while blocking thermal conductivity six times better than fiberglass, four times better than rigid PVC...

  • NanaWall Bird-Protection Ornilux Glass

    NanaWall introduces a solution to minimize bird collisions with Ornilux Glass.

  • Online Window Optimization Tools From Simonton

    Simonton. Online tools include PDFs of the company’s Energy Star–qualified glass options across all product lines by climate zone and of those that qualify for federal tax credits. The site features a description of the components employed to achieve efficient windows and a downloadable consumer...

  • Online Glossary of Insulating Glass Options From Hurd

    Hurd. An online glossary and comparative chart of various insulating glass options supplements printed materials that illustrate and explain the best use of each option for residential projects. The company also offers continuing education courses through and in person via its...

  • ATI Launches Certification Program for Commercial Window Installers

    Architectural Testing Inc (ATI) debuts Commercial InstallationMasters program.

  • Product Review: Windows

    Spot-specing windows based on their orientation--rather than installing a houseful of the same model--can have a significant impact on efficiency and homeowner comfort.