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  • Pushing Performance

    Systems thinking will take building science into the areas of air purification, rightsized HVAC components, and home energy management systems, says Building Systems Research chair Michael Dickens.

  • The Next Built Environment, Today

    Energy & Carbon chairs Edward Mazria and Francesca Desmarais examine what the building sector needs to do to expand sustainable design and reduce carbon levels to 350 ppm by 2030.

  • Massachusetts Named Most Energy-Efficient State

    The Northeast state tops the list of most energy-efficient states, and Mississippi needs the most improvement, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

  • Resiliency Through Durability

    Fortifying homes against natural (and unnatural) disasters is the next big step in sustainability.

  • Improving the Green Retrofit Process

    Randy Thompson is out to prove that a collaborative design-build process will significantly reduce costs and boost ROI to green up the country’s building stock.

  • Net Zero at Scale

    Architect Tom Hootman wants to take net-zero energy to the next level.

  • The Nation's First Smart Grid

    Manny Barrera oversees the nation's first real-world application of a smart grid at Mesa del Sol in Albuquerque, foreshadowing and refining how it will change energy distribution.

  • Don Ferrier: Model Builder

    The Fort Worth-area builder has made a career out of building green and relies on energy modeling to help push the envelope of housing performance.

  • Pliny Fisk Leads the Charge to Better-Performing Buildings

    Today's environmental product declarations have their roots in Pliny Fisk's forward-thinking approach.

  • A Vision for Prefab

    Applying architecture to production-level net-zero-energy prefab building modules may help revive the industry.