More stories about Materials %2B Products

  • Responsible Mining

    A mining standards framework helps bring responsible metal and mineral extraction into the raw materials conversation.

  • A Manufacturer's Perspective

    Executives at GAF talk about product transparency efforts and why all stakeholders need to be part of the dialogue.

  • Are Bio-Based Materials The Answer?

    Article in Environmental Building News, published by Vision 2020 Chair Alex Wilson, contends that using bio-based materials can also have undesirable environmental impacts.

  • SVOCs Present Hidden Dangers

    Flame retardants are just one of the many hazardous chemicals that may never be banned in the U.S.

  • An Introduction to HPDs

    Health Product Declarations address the health side of building products and materials.

  • LCA Comment Period

    Now ís your chance to comment on ANSIís draft standard for enhanced product declarations.

  • Where Comfort Lies

    The IBACOS Lab Home seeks to define comfort as a performance measure.

  • Ingredient Label for Building Materials

    Declare is a new labeling platform for materials transparency that encourages communication among project teams.

  • Peter Yost at IBS 2012

    Our topic co-chair takes the stage at IBS 2012 to discuss why bamboo and PV don’t define green building.

  • Why You Need the Red List

    The Red List provides a quantifiable metric for sustainable materials, but also fosters communication that is critical for meeting future targets.