• Edge Gold Flooring, Weyerhaeuser

    Edge Gold Flooring, Weyerhaeuser

Now featuring Down Pore self-draining technology, Weyerhaeuser’s Edge Gold OSB flooring panels are designed to channel water from the panel surfaces and drain it off the joists below to further enhance the panels’ resistance to rain and moisture. The Down Pore technology consists of three shaped drainage grooves on one of the narrow ends of each 4’ by 8’ panel. The deisgn should not clog from sawdust or adhesive, according to the manufacturer. Weyerhaeuser has laos enhanced the Edge Gold edge seal formulation to reduces edge sweel and extended the company’s “no sand” guarantee from 90 days to 200 days. This guarantee assures builders that the panels will resist edge swell for more than six months of weather exposure during construction. Weyerhaeuser also provides a 50-year limited warranty. woodbywy.com