W.R. Meadows. Made with 100% recycled synthetic rubber, Eco-Joint expansion joint filler is flexible, lightweight, UV stable, and chemical resistant, says the maker. The product can be used as an expansion or control joint on roads, sidewalks, driveways, flooring, patios, and more. It is non-extruding and is compatible with hot and cold joint sealants. 847.214.2100. www.wrmeadows.com.

Cosentino. Eco countertops are made with 75% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled content, including salvaged mirrors; window and bottle glass; salvaged porcelain; and industrial furnace residuals. The remainder is stone scrap bonded with 22% corn oil resin. The material is non-porous; requires no sealers; and has high stain, scratch, and scorch performance, the firm says. Ten colors are available. 800.291.1311. www.ecobycosentino.com.

Rheem. Designed to simplify installation, the SolPak all-inclusive active solar domestic water heating system comes with a heat exchanger tank, solar collector panels, a controller, multi-speed pump, thermal expansion tank, and other items. Collector panels are certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Committee. The maker says a SolPak system can reduce the water heating portion of energy bills by as much as 80%. 800.621.5622. www.rheem.com.