Everpure. The ViruPure single-cartridge commercial-grade residential water filtration system removes 99% of bacteria, viruses, and cysts down to 0.019 micron, as well as reducing VOCs, THMs, MTBEs, chlorine, chloramines, and lead, says the maker. The system, which mounts under the sink, has a 500-gallon life span, which lasts a family of four about a year. 800.323.7873. www.everpure.com

Duo-Gard. Translucent illumaWALL is made of polycarbonate or resin art panels that transmit diffused natural light. At night, integral LEDs can be programmed to change colors. The double-glazed walls filled with Nanogel Aerogel (optional) achieve R-10 with high light transmission. 800.872.4404. www.duo-gard.com