Greenbox. Installed by the utility, Greenbox is a Web-based interface that provides real-time feedback on energy usage. It also supports monitoring water, gas, and solar energy. The service collects, stores, and analyzes usage data, rate plans, and billing information and offers historical charts, usage and cost analysis, billing simulations, community comparison, e-mail alerts, and carbon footprint displays. 650.292.8270.

Agilewaves. The Resource Monitor is a Web-based system that tracks electric, gas, and water usage in real time while automatically calculating a carbon footprint. The technology can monitor each individual circuit, water line, and gas appliance as well as other factors such as temperature and humidity, output from photovoltaics, performance of solar or geothermal water heating, or indoor air quality. The system can send automatic notifications of leaks, excessive energy use, or carbon emissions via e-mail or text message, and can communicate with home or building control systems to let users manage systems based on the feedback they receive. 650.839.0170.