Onset. The HOBO U30-WIF station is a remote data-logging and monitoring device with built-in WiFi communications that can be reconfigured and adapted to a variety of applications, such as measuring energy usage of a device, outside temperature, or carbon dioxide. Up to 15 channels of data can be recorded and monitored remotely via HOBOlink, a Web-enabled software package that lets users access current and historical data, set alarm notifications, and manage remote monitoring systems. 800.564.4377. www.onsetcomp.com.

In2 Networks. Operating in conjunction with Honeywell’s thermostats and other products, the Internet Communications Module connects building systems, like thermostats and water and irrigation systems, to the Internet, letting the units function as a broader, integrated system that logs data, performs diagnostics, and suggests energy-saving recommendations. The EcoConcierge Web site allows homeowners to access energy-use feedback and control and to monitor systems through a computer or PDA. 801.685.8778. www.in2networks.com.