Energy Efficiency

  • Renovation Motivations Point to Going Green

    A recent survey from Houzz shows generational trends that tend toward sustainable choices in design and material sourcing.

  • Hawaii Approving Backlog of Solar Installations

    Over 3,000 solar installments are in the process of being approved all across Hawaii.

  • One Good Thing From California's Drought

    All the sunshine means less water, but also a ton of solar energy.

  • Wind Turbines: The Future of Mixed-Use Development?

    Wind turbines have long been subject of NIMBY-ism on the count of aesthetics and noise complaints. For those who are more eco-friendly and could care less, there are the residential wind systems that promise just enough power for one acre of land, or a small business. And then there are the...

  • Four Keys to Designing a Net-Zero Home

    Construction blogger Matt Risinger talks about high performance homes and provides his top areas of focus when designing a net-zero home.

  • Green Upgrades Improve Tenant Satisfaction

    A recent study by DTZ revealed a strong correlation between buildings' sustainability certifications and tenant satisfaction. Multifamily Executive's Laura McNulty examines resident support for sustainability initiatives in offices and apartment buildings.

  • Passive Design Conquers NYC

    Passive design is taking over the Big Apple. Once a standard considered only ideal for high-end custom homes, passive design strategies are being applied to both new and existing single-family and multifamily homes across the Five Boroughs.

  • France Mandates Green Roofs For All New Commercial Construction

    A new mandate in France will require buildings in commercial zones to incorporate either plants or solar panels in roof design.

  • Research Home Promotes Prefab Future

    A research prefab in Stuttgart can be built in a day, generate twice as much power as it needs, and is being studied for future developments.

  • Solar Power From Satellites?

    Solar power is still growing as a viable field, but new developments from Japan may be the start of beaming energy gathered from space to your home.

  • Largest Vertical Farm Planned for 2016

    In 2016, Newark, N.J. will be home to the world's largest vertical farm.

  • Eiffel Tower Energy Production

    Wind turbines have been installed on the Eiffel Tower, and will generate enough power to maintain the entire first floor of the structure, including a souvenir shop, restaurant, and exhibits.

  • Know Your Energy Footprint

    Knowing when and why you are using energy can be key to reducing energy use.

  • Real-Time Building Performance Data, Real-Time Results

    Energy management gets an upgrade with BuildingOS—software that looks to the past and present, both in real-time. A new partnership between energy management leaders Ecova and Lucid combines historical with current meter data to provide a holistic picture of building performance.

  • Students Use Data Loggers to Track Energy Efficiency

    Could data-tracking devices also help construction pros meet green building goals? Devices from Onset give users valuable information to monitor the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, and can help identify areas of improvement.

  • 7 Ways Architecture Can Tackle Global Warming

    Buildings are one of the largest producers of carbon emissions, but some changes could combat that trend.

  • Solar Price Premium

    Solar panels can be an expensive investment, but how much more can you expect to pay if you are buying a house that already has solar panels?

  • Nonprofits to Help Benchmark Energy Usage

    Nonprofits are stepping up and assisting affordable housing owners with energy monitoring and consumption.

  • Green Builders, Join Up!

    The building industry needs to speed up and respond to global warming faster according to Jim Weglewski.

  • Powered by Tofu

    Researchers at Liverpool University have discovered a new way to create solar cells, and it involves tofu.

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