Soil Retention. Drivable Grass consists of tilelike, 2-foot-by-2-foot concrete squares connected into a mat by a grid system. Landscapers can plant grass through lattice-style holes and cracks that let roots penetrate through the mat into the soil, anchoring it firmly into place, the manufacturer says. The mat’s porous nature enables moisture to filter into the underlying soil, reducing runoff while allowing water to be absorbed on site. 800.346.7995.

Belgard. The company’s permeable pavers are made of concrete and separated by joints filled with small stones. Water enters the joints between the pavers and filters through crushed stone layers; the water, minus the filtered-out pollutants, is absorbed into the soil. The pavers can be used for patios, driveways, walkways, pools, and other areas. The manufacturer says its pavers, including Subterra stone (pictured), allow for modular and random installation to create random patterns that look like natural cobblestones. The product comes in multiple shapes, colors, and patterns. 800.899.8455.

Clivus Multrum. The Clivus Greywater System includes a Greywater Dosing Basin as the collection point for all of a home’s greywater. Made of rigid plastic, it contains level switches and an effluent pump or gravity siphon (where sufficient slope is available). When an amount of greywater sufficient to create a 11/2-inch flooding dose within the irrigation chamber has collected in the dosing basin, the pump (or gravity siphon) engages. Because the irrigation chamber is flooded throughout its length, water and nutrients are carried evenly to surrounding plants. 800.425.4887.

Toro. The LawnMaster II Timer features three program options and meets the requirement of communities for multiple-option timers during watering restrictions, the manufacturer says. A large LCD screen, a programming dial, and selection buttons let users choose which days to water and how long each zone will be watered. In addition, the user may activate a single watering area or start any watering program right away without waiting for its scheduled time. A sensor shuts off the irrigation system if it rains. The device is available in four- and six-zone models. 800.367.8676.