May 2012 Table of Contents

Redefining 'Green' Paint Product Review Redefining 'Green' Paint

Here's how to use the latest criteria to find the best interior paint options. Read more

The Thin Green Line AIArchitect The Thin Green Line

Residential architects form the front line between industry definitions of sustainability and public perception. Read more

WaterFurnace 5 Series New + Notable WaterFurnace 5 Series

WaterFurnace's 5 Series 502W12 makes upgrading to a geothermal system easier. Read more

Velux Sun Tunnel Line New + Notable Velux Sun Tunnel Line

Velux has added a new unit for low-slope residential roofs to its Sun Tunnel line of tubular skylights. Read more

Unearthed Hard Wax New + Notable Unearthed Hard Wax

This oil finish from Unearthed Paints is free of VOCs. Read more

Tournesol Siteworks Living Wall New + Notable Tournesol Siteworks Living Wall

The Tournesol VGM Modular Living Wall system will fasten to any structurally sound wall. Read more

Therma-Tru Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection New + Notable Therma-Tru Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection

The Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection three-panel door is Energy Star qualified. Read more

SWD Urethane Quick-Shield 106 ZH New + Notable SWD Urethane Quick-Shield 106 ZH

The Quick-Shield 106 ZH no-heat open-cell spray foam insulation is certified to Greenguard Children & Schools. Read more

Simonton Asure Windows New + Notable Simonton Asure Windows

Simonton's Asure replacement vinyl windows can be specified to meet Energy Star qualifications. Read more

Premier Copper Products Sink New + Notable Premier Copper Products Sink

Looking for an alternative to the standard stainless steel sink? This company now offers a 99% recycled copper replacement sink. Read more

Panasonic WhisperGreen Ventilation Fans New + Notable Panasonic WhisperGreen Ventilation Fans

Panasonic has added two 110-cfm models to its line of WhisperGreen premium ventilation fans. Read more

Mansfield Cascade Toilet New + Notable Mansfield Cascade Toilet

Mansfield's 1.28-gpf rimless Cascade toilet is designed to keep the unit cleaner longer. Read more

Gerber Allerton Bathroom Suite New + Notable Gerber Allerton Bathroom Suite

Gerber has added a high-efficiency toilet to its affordable Allerton bathoom suite. Read more

Fireclay Tile Handmade Debris Series New + Notable Fireclay Tile Handmade Debris Series

The Handmade Debris Series ceramic tiles consist of more than 70% recycled material. Read more

Everitt & Schilling Re-Grained Line New + Notable Everitt & Schilling Re-Grained Line

The Re-Grained line of decorative wood tiles are made out of old barn wood and cabinet scraps. Read more

CSL Lighting Eco-Downlight New + Notable CSL Lighting Eco-Downlight

CSL Lighting says its Adjustable Eco-Downlight will last 50,000 hours. Read more

Cooper Wiring Devices SAVANT LT New + Notable Cooper Wiring Devices SAVANT LT

The SAVANT LT sensor switches detect when rooms are empty and automatically turn lights off. Read more

Cambria Greenguard-Certified Surfacing New + Notable Cambria Greenguard-Certified Surfacing

Cambria's two new designs capture the beauty of marble and granite and offer the strength of quartz. Read more

BEopt for Efficiency BEopt for Efficiency

NREL software expands to include energy-efficiency upgrades for existing homes. Read more

Green Masonry Green Masonry

A new look at bricks, pavers, and blocks--and how to choose the right products for your green building projects. Read more

A Passion for Performance A Passion for Performance

DOE's Sam Rashkin receives The 2012 Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Housing. Read more

Sustainable Access Sustainable Access

This LEED-Silver New England home combines features that enhance its environmental performance and universal design. Read more

Star Quality Star Quality

The latest Hanley Award winner has made his mark on home building by improving our understanding of what we do and changing how we do it. Read more

Optimizing Efficiency EcoUpdate Optimizing Efficiency

REHAU Montana ecosmart house to study energy consumption and occupant comfort. Read more

EcoUpdate Habitat ReStore Resale Program

Nonprofit operates more than 750 resale outlets that take in donations of reusable building materials and products. Read more

Europe’s Active House to Make Its U.S. Debut EcoUpdate Europe’s Active House to Make Its U.S. Debut

The country's first home built to the European specification is about to be constructed near St. Louis. Read more

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