September 2010 Table of Contents

Major League Green

Allen Hershkowitz, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, talks about the greening of professional sports. Read more

Virginia Tech Shines Overseas Virginia Tech Shines Overseas

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University takes top honors at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 competition. Read more

Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus

A college president offers a look at the process of greening higher education from the administrative perspective. Read more

A Big Hit A Big Hit

One of the smallest ballparks in Major League Baseball hits the farthest homerun for sustainability. Read more

Continuity and Contrast Continuity and Contrast

Working with a 1915 building, SRG Partnership reveals a sustainable renovation at Portland State University. Read more

Energizing Lessons Energizing Lessons

Learning about renewable energy generation is a breeze at Hawaii Preparatory Academy's Energy Lab. Read more

Branching Out Branching Out

A new public library gives a downtown Washington, D.C. neighborhood an anchor for the future. Read more

Rooftop Systems Integration Rooftop Systems Integration

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities explores the potential of collaboration between green roofs and roof-mounted solar panels. Read more

Sensitile Scintilla Sensitile Scintilla

Each Sensitile Scintilla panel is internally structured to have thousands of light conducting channels. Read more

Hunter Douglas Contract Techstyle Canvas Hunter Douglas Contract Techstyle Canvas

Techstyle Canvas from Hunter Douglas Contract is an acoustical ceiling tile system. Read more

GE Hybrid Water Heater GE Hybrid Water Heater

GE’s hybrid water heater consumes up to 62 percent less energy than a standard electric water heater. Read more

Dri-Design Ombrae Dri-Design Ombrae

Dri-Design’s Ombrae Imaging Technology uses an advanced computer software system to cut 3-D pixels into panels. Read more

Armstrong Cirrus HRC Armstrong Cirrus HRC

Armstrong has increased the total recycled content of its Cirrus HRC Square Lay-In and Cirrus HRC Tegular ceiling panels to 82 percent; the Ultima HRC Tegular has a recycled content of 80 percent. Read more

Amtico International Metals Amtico International Metals

Metals, by Amitco International, features a rippled, beaten texture and six metal shades: gold leaf, coin, fuse, foil, tin, and shot. Read more

Lessons in High Performance Lessons in High Performance

Bill Orr, executive director of the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools, talks about upgrading the sustainability of today's learning environments. Read more

Extra Credit On The Roof Extra Credit On The Roof

When a green roof fails to perform, a school starts over with a new, more appropriate, design. Read more

Is LEED-related litigation ready to tip? Is LEED-related litigation ready to tip?

An industry consultant and strategists asks: Is LEEDigation--litigation involving the green building certification process--about to rise? Read more

Today's Learning Environments Aim To Make the Grade Today's Learning Environments Aim To Make the Grade

From K-12 classrooms to high schools to public learning spaces such as libraries, today's educational facilities are experimenting in sustainability. Read more

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