January 2012 Table of Contents

Product: Salvatori Lithoverde Product: Salvatori Lithoverde

Made of 99% pre-consumer waste from stone yards and 1% natural resin, these masonry blocks are made of stone scraps layered with a soy-based binder. Read more

Transforming Practice AIAPerspective Transforming Practice

A sea change isn't coming. It's already here. Read more

BIM, Re-Booted AIAFuture BIM, Re-Booted

Building Information Modeling has to keep up if it's going to remain on top. Read more

Portal to the Emerald City Portal to the Emerald City

A lush and inviting new installation welcomes visitors to the Pacific Northwest at Washington's SEA-TAC airport. Read more

Transforming Medicine Transforming Medicine

The new hospital at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center aims to reshape how care is delivered. Read more

Flying Colors Flying Colors

Phoenix Children's Hospital shows sensitivity to visitors and the environment. Read more

Research and Rehabilitation Research and Rehabilitation

The Fort Belvoir Community Hospital takes a holistic and analytical approach to sustainable healthcare design. Read more

Unity Creations Pave-Land Pavers Unity Creations Pave-Land Pavers

Made from 100% recycled tires and rubber granules, these pavers provide a low-maintenance surface for outdoor areas such as rooftops. Read more

Global Solar PowerFlex Global Solar PowerFlex

This flexible sheet of thin-film photovoltaic cells adheres to membrane and metal-roof systems and can conform to many roof geometries. Read more

G.E.M. EuroLite Slate Recycled-Rubber Roofing G.E.M. EuroLite Slate Recycled-Rubber Roofing

Containing more than 75% recycled content, these tiles create the look of slate roofing as a price comparable to that of premium asphalt shingles. Read more

Atlas Roofing Corp. Pristine Shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector Atlas Roofing Corp. Pristine Shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector

These shingles have an optional Scotchgard Protector layer to resist algae growth and preserve shingle color. Read more

Vast Enterprises Composite Detail Pavers Vast Enterprises Composite Detail Pavers

This addition to Vast's line of landscape and permeable pavers is made with up to 95% post-consumer recycled tires and plastic containers. Read more

Olde New England Granite Olde New England Granite

Reclaimed granite from Boston's defunct Scollay Square police station and park is now available for reuse as building materials. Read more

Fireclay Tile Debris Series Recycled Tires Fireclay Tile Debris Series Recycled Tires

Locally sourced, pre- and post-consumer waste is reused in handmade, ceramic tiles. Read more

Lighten Up With Tubular Daylighting Devices Lighten Up With Tubular Daylighting Devices

Tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) turn natural light into a deployable technology. Read more

Up to the Challenge? Up to the Challenge?

Architecture 2030's Francesca Desmarais explains the goals of reducing carbon emissions through the 2030 Challenge for Products Read more

Good Neighbor Good Neighbor

In the mid-2000s, the Central Library in Seattle drew critics' attention, but it's the nearby Ballard Branch Library that attracts environmentalists. Read more

Healthy By Design Healthy By Design

Healthcare architects are focusing on how their clients' sustainable-building goals overlap with their therapeutic missions. Read more

A Bill of Health A Bill of Health

Why the discussions surrounding the cost of healthcare needs to incorporate the financials tied to building and operating facilities. Read more

Neptune Coatings Corp. WetSuit Neptune Coatings Corp. WetSuit

This two-part, self-adhering liquid membrane can be cold-spray applied onto above- and below-grade surfaces. Read more

InsulFoam HD Composite Insulation Board InsulFoam HD Composite Insulation Board

Comprised of closed-cell, expanded polystyrene foam bonded to a 1/2-inch-thick high-density polyisocyanurate cover board, this insulation board offers R-values between 6.4 and 25. Read more

Trikeenan Tileworks Boneyard Brick Trikeenan Tileworks Boneyard Brick

Salvaged thin brick from Metropolitan Ceramics is combined with Trikeenan's recycled glazes to creaste brick suitable for indoor and exterior use. Read more

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