March 2012 Table of Contents

Product: Osram Sylvania Border Flex products Product: Osram Sylvania Border Flex

A flexible strip of LEDs encased in a waterproof PVC jacket, this lighting option uses less than 10% of the energy consumed by neon. Read more

Product: Greenwork Babylone pendant fixture products Product: Greenwork Babylone pendant fixture

This pendant globe fixture doubles as a light and an air cleaner and humidified by merging plantings with lighting. Read more

Grand Function Grand Function

The renovation of a historic federal building goes for a groundbreaking net-zero energy goal. Read more

The Effects of Window Films Go Beyond the Surface technology The Effects of Window Films Go Beyond the Surface

Applied films can enhance the performance of windows in retrofits if the proper measures are taken beforehand. Read more

Aiming High, Looking Low Aiming High, Looking Low

New York City's next big urban park may be underground on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Read more

Natural Symmetry Natural Symmetry

Vancouver's VanDusen Botanical Garden's Visitor Centre promotes biodiversity in plant life and building systems Read more

Embracing History Embracing History

In a home embedded in the landscape, the Natural History Museum of Utah expands its offerings while minimizing its environmental footprint. Read more

Schréder Lighting US Piano luminaire products Schréder Lighting US Piano luminaire

This outdoor aluminum luminaire employes LEDs and comes in two models and five standard colors. Read more

Foscarini Anisha LED lamp product Foscarini Anisha LED lamp

Designed by Spanish studio Lievore Altherr Molina, this ellipsoidal lamp features LEDs and an integrated dimmer touch switch. Read more

Cerno Arca linear pendant products Cerno Arca linear pendant

The walnut frame of this 49" long linear pendant morphs from solid to open-cage depending on one's sight lines. Read more

Bega Square Bollard product Bega Square Bollard

Manufactured with marine-grade, copper-free aluminum posts and an anodized aluminum reflector, this bollard uses a 19.6W LED lamp. Read more

B.Lux Round Glass decorative suspension light fixture products B.Lux Round Glass decorative suspension light fixture

The luminaire uses 42 LEDs arranged in an interior structure that folds out like an umbrella for installation. Read more

The Value of Efficiency perspective The Value of Efficiency

Dutch economist and sustainable-property research expert Nils Kok explains some findings of his research into the market value of green buildings. Read more

Spell It Out Spell It Out

A look at the process—and the importance—of the written lighting-controls narrative. Read more

Put to the Test flashback Put to the Test

Designed to be tough, the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless highlights the importance of preparing for long-term maintenance and changing occupancy loads. Read more

Sustainable Stays deep green Sustainable Stays

Today's green hotels meet performance goals without compromising the guest experience. Read more

Community Organizers viewpoint Community Organizers

Some thoughts on how our industry addresses the social responsibility leg of sustainability's three-legged stool. Read more

Standard-Bearer AIAFuture Standard-Bearer

Puerto Rico is one of the most environmentally troubled islands in the Caribbean. Can one building change that? Read more

Help Is On the Way AIAPerspective Help Is On the Way

IgCC is rolling out and it's going to change the way you work. Read more

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