Spring is here, but before you say goodbye to the cold weather, check out these top 10 most-viewed stories from Ecobuilding Pulse this winter. Compiled using Google Analytics data, you'll see that the list covers a wide range of topics, with information worth coming back to, season after season.

10. What Are Your Materials Saying About Your Project? Just putting a sign on a building to signify it is green is a missed opportunity, says Blaine Brownell, ARCHITECT's resident materials columnist.

9. Behind the Scenes of an EarthCraft Home Go on site during the construction of an EarthCraft home in Atlanta in the first segment of this 12-part video series.

8. Do Green Homeowners Have Buyer's Remorse? A new study conducted by GuildQuality that was commissioned by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) says no.

7. Screen Tech One small tile manufacturer is looking to make a dent in landfill waste from electronics with a new line of backsplash tiles and coasters.

6. Indiana's Energy Efficiency Program is on the Chopping Block The state's Senate and House of Representatives vote to kill Indiana's energy efficiency program for homes, schools, stores, and factories.

5. Findings from the World of Concrete Seven products and technologies for the world of architecture.

4. Ten Cities Where Energy Efficiency Should Sell Pitching energy efficiency might win big in cities where utility bills far surpass the national average.

3. Atlanta's Snowmageddon Highlights the Problems With Sprawl "If you ever wanted proof that our current version of sprawl doesn't work, Atlanta's 'snowmageddon' has provided it," wrote Aaron Betsky in his Architect magazine blog.

2. When Good Intentions Go Bad Wood, chosen for its environmentally preferable properties, is rotting in Make It Right homes in New Orleans, sparking debate about the use of new—and green—building materials.

1. Ohio Moves Closer to Banning LEED The State Senate passed its anti-LEED legislation. Will it ever become law?