Even with the unmistakable effects of the economy on our industry, we are hard-pressed to keep up with the flood of green building products entering the market each week. In every category, and addressing every attribute important to residential green building, manufacturers are strengthening and deepening their offerings—expanding the options for architects, builders, and remodelers.

As we sort through the introductions and present them to you in each issue of EcoHome, we keep watch with a “green builder’s eye” for the ones that stand out. And while we are thrilled to witness the accelerated growth within the product sector and applaud the advances manufacturers in every category are making, we have selected these 10 products as our 2009 Editors’ Choice Award winners.

As you’ll see, these products bring new choices and solutions for addressing water and resource conservation, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and site design, and we acknowledge their manufacturers for their efforts. —The Editors