Aside from building the dream team, leagues and franchises are building green teams, too. From setting a Nationals standard to the Greenest Monster, here are nine teams and leagues focusing at least a few efforts on ecologically conscious behavior for their players and highly-efficient performance for their stadiums, according to CBS News.

Plastic Piracy

The Pittsburgh Pirates have managed to divert around 65% of waste from plastics to paper from the landfill and into recycling. The City of Pittsburgh asserts that they have recycled enough plastic bottles to stretch from PNC Park to Yankee Stadium and back.

A Sunny Day at Fenway

The team behind the Green Monster is aiming to really live up to its name. The stadium has a solar array that created enough electricity to meet 37% of the stadium’s energy needs and the facility it outfitted with solar-powered compacters that hold six times the amount of waste as traditional trash cans.

Fish Out of Water

The Miami Marlins are conserving water in a climate where hydration is critical. Updated plumbing at the stadium will use less than half the current amount and a new design for the landscape will use almost two-thirds less the amount of water for irrigation.

Eco-Conscious in Cleveland

The Cleveland Indians not only have a recycling program that diverts 25% of waste from the landfill, but they became the first team to have a wind turbine power part of the facility.

Seattle’s Best

The Seattle Mariners have put their best foot forward when it comes to going green by reducing use of natural gas by 40%, water by 25%, and electricity by 25%. The savings per year on utilities amount to more than one and half million dollars. In case that wasn't enough, the stadium's new scoreboard uses one-tenth the electricity of its predecessor.

Fly Like An Eagle

The Philadelphia Eagles make up for the environmental impacts of their air travel by planting trees around Pennsylvania via Carbon offset financing and by purchasing trees for a Wildlife refuge in Louisiana.

District of Conservation

The Washington Nationals succeeded in reducing their overall water consumption by about 30% through new plumbing that saves more than 3 million gallons of water per year. The field’s lighting uses about one-fifth less than the average stadium and about one-tenth of the infrastructure came from recycled materials. All of the wastewater that comes from the stadium is filtered before entering sewer systems to ensure there is no contamination to the nearby Anacostia River.

Fire and Ice

The last two groups featured for their eco-consciousness are not just teams, but entire leagues. The National Hockey League has offset energy use of their primary office in New York City by purchasing wind energy credits and five arenas are at least partly powered by renewables such as solar and biogas.

LEEDing NBA Teams

Six National Basketball Association arenas, including Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Philips Arena in Atlanta, and American Airlines Arena in Miami are LEED Certified.

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