Architects commonly utilize biomimicry when designing homes in rural areas to seamlessly blend a building with nature around them. Taking camouflage techniques a significant step beyond mimicry, architects in Poland have designed a house that will blend into a forest setting using mirrors.

The project, dubbed Izabelin House, will be a structure that appears suspended in mid-air. Mirrors will make up the first-story exterior, creating the illusion that it is an untouched forested area. The house is a total 4,305 square-feet (400 sq m), but only a small piece of it will be readily visible. It will take about a year to build on a $1 million budget.

The architects are addressing the possibility of birds flying into the facade two ways. The surface of the second-story will not be reflective, and a sounding device on the lower level will warn birds if they get too close to the reflective surface. This is a measure that could limit bird fatalities in cities, where large, glassy facades are even more common.

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