The People's Climate March in New York City drew over 310,000 people on September 21, but that was merely a pre-game for the People's Climate Justice Summit. The two-day conference concurrent to the Climate Leaders Assembly in New York City this September was organized by the Climate Justice Alliance, including the Indigenous Environmental Network and other allies.

The purpose of this Summit is to convene a meeting of frontline community delegations from across the U.S. and around the world - that are both organizing against the root causes of climate change, and cultivating real solutions to address these causes. In response to the intransigence of political leaders in industrialized nations and corporations to take bold action, this convening will highlight strategies and pathways for resilience and resistance that are being built on the frontlines of this global economic and ecological crisis.

The New School is demonstrating their solidarity with values of the People's Climate March with a week-long series of events focused on climate change, and is hosting and livestreaming the event.

Watch the livestream of day two below, or if you're a New Yorker, attend the panels in person at John L. Tishman Auditorium, University Center, 63 Fifth Avenue.Admission is free, and no tickets or reservations are required.

Visit the New School's website for a full schedule of events and more information about today's panels > > >


  • A livestream of the People's Climate Justice Summit <Tweet This>
  • Watch day two of the People's Climate Justice Summit live <Tweet This>