Deltec Homes, an award-winning prefabricated home manufacturer based in Asheville, N.C., has delivered the first net-zero home from their Renew Collection, just months after the collection's launch.

Known for their customizable, round, extreme weather, and energy-efficient home kits, Deltec has taken efficiency to the net-zero level in their Renew Collection by implementing the following design strategies (to name a few):

  • double-stud walls
  • raised-heel trusses
  • continuous exterior insulation
  • passive solar or sun-tempered design
  • air-tight construction
  • fresh air ventilation systems

According to Deltec's website, they've implemented design strategies that reduce energy consumption of Renew Collection homes by two-thirds in comparison to a typical home, so remaining energy needs may then be powered by on-site renewable energy (buyers can opt to purchase a solar electric kit with their home package, or work with local solar contractors).

The Renew Collection also departs from the traditional round aesthetic of Deltec's homes. Three of six models in the line (three more models are planned to launch before the end of the year) have a rectangular shape, which creates sleek, modern lines inside and outside the home.

Deltec has 20 homes from the Renew Collection scheduled to be delivered by mid-2015. Read more about the first home purchased (the Ridgeline model) by Marie DeVerneil on Jetson Green >>