Living in a shipping container is nothing new, but stacking them up and turning several into a full-fledged apartment building? That's the goal of Cube Square, a new building outside of Sam Houston State University. Designed for students but open to anyone, the renovated containers retain their original exterior, giving the building a unique aesthetic.

"Each unit will measure 540 square feet, and will contain a kitchen, living area, dining area, sleeping area, as well as a full-size walk in closet, and a bathroom with a full-sized bathtub. The complex was designed by Jack Wagamon and his sister Tina Felder, who are also building it. They drew inspiration from tiny home projects and other conversions of shipping containers into homes, which they came across online."

The final product will be contain 24 apartments made from 36 shipping containers. Check out the full story and photos over at Jetson Green.