Although shipping container homes are usually associated with compact, compartmentalized homes built for one, they certainly don't have to be. A recycled exterior for a home is still an opportunity for sustainability, and offers an already-constructed industrial design becoming quickly known as cargotecture.


Dallas couple Matt and Barbara Mooney teamed up with local M Gooden Design to create the shipping container dream home that's less of a mobile home and more of a mini McMansion. Mr. Mooney, an architect himself, capitalized on modern industrial design features for cargotecture and called this design PV14 House. The product is a two-story single-family home with three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, dining room, storage area, two-car garage, and a roof deck. The home has plenty of indoor space, but an indoor-outdoor feel with a series of porches in addition to the roof deck. The classy design, however, does not hide the fact that multiple shipping containers were used in construction. The designers made sure the modern home kept the angular exterior and has concrete floors, exposed steel structure, and glass and masonry that keep the modern feel.

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