When you think of a bridge, you probably only think of "sturdy." But a new bridge in Barcelona is looking to change that, with plans for a solar-powered, glowing, smog-reducing bridge. That's right, this bridge will become an incredibly energy-efficient, eco-friendly structure all on its own.

BCQ’s designs will bring a dramatic change to the Sarajevo Bridge—currently a boring and unsheltered roadway devoid of greenery—and clad the structure with green walls and pergolas. The bridge’s pavement will be replaced with photocatalytic concrete, a self-cleaning material that oxidizes pollutants and purifies the air. To make the bridge energy self-sufficient, the structure will be lit by solar-powered LEDs and photo-luminescent elements embedded into the concrete.

The new bridge is currently just a concept rendering, but the technology powering it is reality. Read the full write up over at Inhabitat.