In 1940, Little Pea Island located off the coast of New Rochelle, New York and just north of Pelham Bay Park became Columbia Island of a poured concrete base, home to a CBS TV tower that broadcasted from 1941 through 1963. Since then the Island has changed hands quite a few times, but the latest phase of Columbia Island is just as unique as its first.

Filmmaker and actor Al Sutton reportedly owns the 150 by 150 feet island, most of which is covered by a 6,000 square foot residence that Sutton has slowly been retrofitting from a bank of TV transmitting equipment to a totally off-the-grid home. While the dilapidated bunker required major renovations as some of the concrete walls were crumbling, Sutton chose to fix the infrastructure instead of knocking it down. Compared to the rest of New York City’s real estate, it’s certainly a unique view.

The panels on the home produce about 14.4-kw. Hooked up to the 1,200 square-foot array is a storage system consisting of 48 batteries, six inverters, and four solar charge converters that combined create 5,400 amp hours of storage, according to an article from Green Tech Advocates.

Once the project is complete, it will be NYC’s only private island residence entirely powered by solar.

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